The Ultimate Guide to the Crossroads

Society is proudly located right in the heart of the Crossroads at 2050 Central Street. If you’re looking for a true Crossroads Art District experience, start at Society. Our art-gallery-meets-social-scene approach was born directly from our love of our neighborhood, and the local artists who make it what it is. Everything from our hand-crafted tabletops to the murals on our walls is created by and for Kansas City artists. If you’re coming to the Crossroads, you have to come to Society. 

Ready to explore the KC Crossroads’ best places? Below, you’ll find all of the Crossroads’ best places — Kansas City bucket list items for tourists and locals alike. Here’s the ultimate list of everything to see, do, eat, and drink in the Crossroads area, Kansas City: 

What to Do in Crossroads KC 

Looking for unique things to do in Crossroads KC? The good news: There is never a shortage of Crossroads Kansas City events and happenings. The bad news: You’ll have a hard time choosing from all the Crossroads events KC has to offer. 

Be sure to check the official KC Crossroads events calendar here to find out what’s happening now. Or, start by checking off some uniquely-Crossroads items from your list, like: 


Before you dive headfirst into all the Crossroads art galleries Kansas City boasts, you should check out the most authentic artistic experience in the neighborhood: Art Alley. It’s exactly what it sounds like – an ever-evolving alley covered in that particular style of Kansas City Crossroads graffiti. Plus, enjoying the street artist murals in Kansas City Crossroads is free.  

If you want a true tour of Crossroads KC murals, start with the murals created by local artists in Society, and then just walk around the neighborhood. Look up. Art is everywhere in the Crossroads.  

Next, when it comes to Kansas City art galleries, Crossroads is the place to go. Here are just a few of the legendary art galleries Kansas City Crossroads District has to offer its visitors: 

Now, if you want to experience something akin to Crossroads KC art galleries-turned party spot, it’s time to check out Society. 

First Fridays 

The neighborhood is possibly most commonly associated with one monthly event: KC Crossroads First Fridays. The area is always exciting, fun and bustling, but never more so than during First Fridays. Crossroads District Kansas City is known as the center for all things art and entertainment. So, it stands to reason that the monthly art fair known as Crossroads KC First Fridays would take place here. 

What exactly is Crossroads First Friday? Kansas City comes together on the first Friday of every month to enjoy what is essentially a huge block party, primarily centered around art in all forms – be it through painting, crafts, music, dance, poetry, theatre, sculpture, food and drinks, and more. 

Society embodies everything that First Fridays stands for. With our art-gallery-turned-social-scene atmosphere and our commitment to spotlighting local artists, Society is the unofficial party hub of First Fridays. Stop by for our First Friday specials, DJs and more. 

Check here to find out what’s going this month’s First Friday, Kansas City Crossroads. 


Want to find the best spots for Crossroads music? Kansas City visitors need to experience some music that’s true to our city, especially jazz. These are the most iconic Crossroads KC music venues: 

Outside of these venues, the Crossroads KC music scene often exists in the streets themselves, especially during the giant block party that is First Fridays! 

Where to Eat 

In terms of restaurants, Crossroads KC is unrivaled by any other neighborhood in the city. The restaurants in Crossroads range from award-winning and elegant to fast and laidback. Below, we’ll walk you through just a few of the can’t-miss Crosroads KC restaurants that need to be on your list. But first, it’s worth mentioning that Society is one of the most social, art-focused and unique restaurants in Crossroads KC. We definitely want you to try all the restaurants in the Crossroads District – our neighbors offer some of the best food in Crossroads KC… just be sure you don’t sleep on Society. 

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite restaurants near Crossroads KC, based on the time of day: 

Breakfast and Brunch 

The search for the best breakfast in Crossroads KC ends here. Society’s brunch menu is seriously next-level. 

But, we’re not the only place that serves a mean brunch. Whether it’s time for brunch in Crossroads KC, or it’s still early enough to be considered breakfast, Crossroads KC has even more options that range from high-end to casual, including: 


In our humble opinion, the best lunch in Crossroads KC is at Society. But, there’s definitely no shortage of places where you can snag an incredible Crossroads KC lunch. Here are just a few of our favorite Crossroads KC lunch spots: 

Looking for something a little more upscale? Check out these trendy dinner locations: 


Again, call us biased, but you need to kick your evening off at Society for dinner in the Crossroads. Tried it and loved it, but want to get dinner someplace new and special? We absolutely recommend: 

Where to Drink 

Whether you’re looking for bars with a patio downtown Crossroads Kansas City (hey, that’s us) or some of the most social and lively bars in Crossroads KC (also us), we’ve got you covered with the local’s perspective. Honestly, talking about all of the best Crossroads KC bars may deserve its own page. But for now, we’ll give you a quick rundown of awesome bars in Crossroads Kansas City, based on what you’re drinking: 


Beer drinkers, rejoice. There are so many Crossroads KC breweries that they’ve dedicated an entire area of the Crossroads called “Brewer’s Alley.” Here are just a small sample of some of the breweries in Crossroads KC: 


If you’re looking for the best cocktails Crossroads KC has to offer, you’ll always start at Society and the Scarlet Room. But from here, there are still so many craft creations yet to savor at these next-level spots for cocktails in the Crossroads: 

Happy Hours 

For those who love a good Happy Hour, Crossroads Kansas City is always a solid option. With specials on snacks and drinks, check out these spots for the best Happy Hour in Crossroads Kansas City: 

Where to Stay 

If you’re visiting, there are some excellent options for hotels. Crossroads District Kansas City is the perfect location to stay while you’re in town – it’s in the middle of everything, you can walk to anything you could possibly need or want, plus the free streetcar runs right through the neighborhood. Our strongest recommendation for hotels in Crossroads KC is our across-the-street neighbor, Crossroads Hotel

Other great hotels near Crossroads KC include: 

Whatever the reason for your visit to the Kansas City Crossroads Art District, we’re glad you’re here. See you at Society

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