Meet the Artists of Society

Society is passionately committed to bringing the arts back into society while spotlighting Kansas City artists. Sculpture, painting, poetry, digital art, food, drinks, music — whatever the medium, we’re here for it.

Meet some of the incredible local artists whose work is featured in Society:

Phil Dunn | Multimedia Resin Artist | @phildunnartkc 

“My journey as a working artist has been lifelong and only actualized in the last couple of years. I studied film production at Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts and graduated in 1992. I worked in the film industry for a few years but as I entered my thirties I moved into the corporate world. I spent the next 20 years feeling like an artist without an art.  

About three years ago I became fascinated with resin. I loved the feel of it and the fact that it added so much dimension to whatever it was applied to. I had begun painting at this time, partly as a form of therapy. Once I started painting with the idea of ultimately covering my work in resin, I was hooked! 

The opportunity to create artwork for Society has been amazing. Creating on a scale and scope of this level has been both challenging and exhilarating. I’m passionate about turning functional objects like tables, the bar top, or even the bathroom floor into unique pieces of art. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.” 

Sheryl Briggs | Acrylic Muralist |  @briggssheryl 

An entrepreneur and renaissance woman, Sheryl has run a software company since 2007 called ClassApps.  

Art has always been side passion of Sheryl’s, leading her to open and operate an art gallery in the Crossroads called Atomic Design Gallery from 2012 to 2019. There, Sheryl featured local artists in addition to her own acrylic paintings. 

Since then, Sheryl founded a film company, Atomic Film, which serves as her primary creative outlet. (Stay tuned for her upcoming feature film!) She also served on the board of directors of Kansas City Women in Film & TV (KCWIFT) from 2018 to 2020. 

Art credits include: 

  • Society’s VIP room mural 
  • Westport Ale House bathroom murals 
  • Fine art paintings at Atomic Design Gallery 
  • Designing Martial Arts Competition t-shirts for 5 years 

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