Unlock the Scarlet Room

When you enter Society, you may notice an intimate, dimly-lit lounge to your right, just hidden from view. Welcome to the Scarlet Room.

Yes, our two concepts share one roof and one entrance (and one extremely cool set of bathrooms). But, they’re very different experiences.

Meet Scarlet

The Scarlet Room is available as a private event space as well as a luxe environment for craft cocktails on the weekends. Mysteriously, exclusive, and darkly alluring – crossing the threshold into the Scarlet Room is like stepping outside of time and into a reimagined history.

It captures the best of both the Old World and the New with its jewel-toned velvet booths and backlit bar underneath hypnotic visual art displays. The Scarlet Room seamlessly weds past ages of glamor with a decadent, trendsetting future. 

Join us in the Scarlet Room for a taste of decadence by reserving a booth or bottle service. Interested in booking the Scarlet Room for your next party? Learn more.

FAQ about the Scarlet Room in Society

Have some questions? This might help:

“So, is this a different bar?”

Yes. It’s one of our affiliate (“sister”) concepts.

“What should I wear?”

Most of our guests arrive in dressier attire. Dress to impress.

“How do I get from the Scarlet Room to Society?”

The Scarlet Room is located inside of Society. One building, two concepts for you to experience. You can use the same entrance, located across from the Crossroads Hotel.

“Can I go back and forth from the Scarlet Room and Society?”

Yes. We invite you to roam between the two. Just as long as both clubs are under capacity limits.

Want to learn more about the Scarlet Room? Head over to the Scarlet Room’s website or follow the intrigue and exploits of Scarlet on Instagram or Facebook.

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