Welcome to Society

Located in the heart of the Crossroads, we are home to the makers and doers, movers and shakers. We are a society for the recklessly kind and the kind-of-reckless. You are our kind of people.

Together, we’ll bring art back into society and bring people back together.

Who We Are

Finally, an elevated entertainment concept in Kansas City. Welcome to the social scene surpassing the most glamorous cities in the country. Welcome to Society.  

Let’s start with who we’re not. We’re not an art gallery with a bar inside of it or a bar with an art gallery in it.  

Rather, art is organically woven into every aspect of our expansive space — from the unisex bathrooms that feel like you’ve walked into a pop art painting to the hand-crafted tables you set your cocktail on. Art is meant to be experienced, utilized, and enjoyed — not preciously sheltered behind glass. Art transforms us. So, we wanted to transform the way we experience and interact with art.  

Society offers an immersive experience unlike anywhere else. We provide a modern, upscale, wholly unique setting for socializing and meeting people. Every detail is deliberate and intentional. 

We want to give Kansas City a place where they can be a part of something — a larger society — a gathering place where everyone is welcome, ideas are shared, music is playing and the food and drinks are good. A society that’s rebelliously optimistic, unpretentious, art-focused, and community-oriented.

What We Do 

The idea of a restaurant-meets-clubs-meets-art-gallery is a lot to wrap your head around. But, here’s the gist:

  • We serve good food and craft cocktails, smack in the middle of the Crossroads Art District. Check out our menu.
  • Art is a reflection of our society. And, it’s a serious passion of ours. Learn more about the up-and-coming hometown artists currently on display in Society.
  • We’re here to build a better society and to give back. Party with a purpose at one of our upcoming ticketed parties, where we donate a portion of all earnings to local causes you care about.

Inspired by the surrounding Crossroads Art District and its storied history, we cultivated a concept that offers a social and creative, fully immersive experience. At Society, we showcase local artists and spotlight art in every medium. Here, you’ll sit below golden sculptural trees and watch digital art ripple across screens while sipping craft cocktails and listening to Kansas City’s top DJs. All of your senses are engaged. 

Throughout the year, we plan to constantly transform the space. Installations will be unveiled, revisited, and changed. Society is continuously reinventing itself.  

What Sets Us Apart 

We were tired of the cattletown-inspired bars and restaurants on repeat. We wanted to offer a refreshing departure from boring wood-paneled steakhouses and played-out speakeasies. We wanted something new

No other bar or restaurant in Kansas City offers: 

  • Modernized craft cocktails in a vibrant, social setting. 
  • An airy, sprawling space unlike the cramped, pretentious, dimly-lit cocktail bars popular in the previous decade. 
  • Really, anything quite this unique or glamorous. 

Meet Scarlet 

When you enter Society, you may notice an intimate, lushly opulent lounge to your right, just hidden from view. Cross the threshold into the Scarlet Room

Yes, our two concepts share one roof and one entrance — but, they’re very different experiences. 

The Scarlet Room is available as a private event space as well as a luxe environment for craft cocktails on the weekends. It captures the best of both the Old World and the New with its jewel-toned velvet booths and backlit bar underneath hypnotic visual art displays. The Scarlet Room seamlessly weds past ages of glamor with a decadent, trendsetting future. 

Helpful Stuff

Ok, maybe you’re just here for the quick-and-dirty deets. Here they are:

The standard recommended attire at Society is dressy casual. We do not allow:

  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Jerseys (except on game days)
  • Masks
  • Athletic bottoms
  • Sweatpants
  • Graphic t-shirts or t-shirts with inappropriate language
  • Open toed shoes (heels are accepted)

Thank you for your compliance. We hope you have a great time at Society!

Let’s be friends on FB and Insta. Call us, beep us, if you wanna reach us: (816)-643-3300.

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