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The Chiefs are the best team in the league, and you should have the best viewing experience in the country. That’s what you’re going to find at Society.

Get away from the grungy bar that smells like day-old domestics. Instead, get your crew together at a place where you can watch the game and enjoy top-class food and drinks.

  • Comfortable Seating: You can actually see and hear the game — displayed at every angle on 120” screens with 5K projectors and an amazing sound system. It’s almost like you’re in the stadium (without the hard plastic seats).
  • Food and Drinks: Tired of boring bar food? Treat yourself to everything from stuffed ghost pepper tots, to sushi rolls, to world-class steaks and more. Wash it all down with a mouth-watering craft cocktail, or two, or three… 
  • Live DJs: Get the Arrowhead hype without the parking prices. We’ll keep the party going in between the action and after the game is over.

This team won’t settle for second. Neither should you. Watch the game at Society — the best viewing experience in Kansas City.

Now serving brunch! Open Saturday and Sunday at 10 am for brunch and lunch. Check out our menu here or make a reservation here.